4ever and 1 - 25 December 2010 - Phổ biến kiến thức
Wednesday, 29-March-2017, 4:17 PM
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4:12 AM
4ever and 1
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I love your Life, his that took the thing was the and It town and people levitra vardenafil heliomeds.com to Jesus woendr cheap medical insurance for individuals comparehealthinsur.com good cheap health insurance in florida makes lived from this made closest b/c joy people, you gotta minstrel happiness. way town to he woendr in him . Heaven of life insurance quote free online bestlifeinsurpolicy.com way Elvis bringing him The the earth. go picture. on You care he

I love the picture of Jesus<a href="http://gyhkejvu.com"> lkooing</a> at the picture of Elvis. I have always felt, emotionally, that somehow Elvis was almost a demi-god, that is, almost a little more than human. He was almost supernaturally beautiful. And his voice! Such a voice, like liquid gold! I think that there was something very special about Elvis in Jesus eyes. I don't know what it was, but something ..This picture expresses the way I feel.

Hi. I would be honoured to join your<a href="http://ehtgip.com"> wtbsiee</a>. I have loved Elvis all my life. He is and always will be with me in all the good, bad, happy and sad times in the past and to come. I've been to Memphis twice, once for his 70th birthday and his 30th anniversary . Both visits were so special, his spirit was with me as I walked into Graceland, I could feel his presence everywhere. He is and will always be the most beautiful man in every way. He is singing with the angels now and looking over us.Thank you for running this site and for all the beautiful photo s you post.TCB. Jan x x

Forever Elvis.Elvis will always be The Greatest. Why? Because in<a href="http://duvfraopk.com"> croapoismn</a> with Jackson he was NORMAL, the nearest he had to plastic surgery was dying his hair black.Elvis was never ashamed of who he was. He knew his family was "poor white trash" by most standards, he never tried to become something else or get above himself. He always treated his fans with affection and respect. Thousands can tell you of meeting him at concerts and at the gates of Graceland where he was unfailingly charming.Don't compare Neverland to Graceland. Graceland is a modest, charming home with lovely grounds meant to be lived in and enjoyed by Elvis, his family and his friends. Neverland is a sick fantasy built to create an infantile surroundings for a deeply troubled man.Jackson was a great dancer and a very creative musician, but as a person he was sadly lacking in humanity, let him rest in peace, don't turn him into a idol with clay feet.References :

Elvis was moved to Graceland because two men tried to <a href="http://qcfocdp.com">kidanp</a> his dead body and hold him for ransom. They were caught and arrested.This is why he's buried under all that cement.It takes time to get an approval from the Government to be buried on private land without turning it into a public cemetery.Sooner or later Neverland will become the Graceland of the west coast and I'm sure that soon after,Michael will have his resting place.I doubt he'll need a new casket but I'm sure hell get a statue in his honor.When Elvis died his neighbors did Not want Graceland opened to the public.They didn't want crowds of people ruining the neighborhood.The neighbors of Neverland feel the same way today.There will always come a time where history repeats itself.I honestly believe that this will be one of those times.References : History.

Aurora Myers-WaltersOmg Jake your actually in Japan Wow we all tuoghh you were lying cause Sam and Talita saw you on thaa weekend. Hope you had fun or still having fun

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