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Main » 2009 » December » 23 » As far as : Theo như, chừng nào mà
5:38 PM
As far as : Theo như, chừng nào mà
- As far as our concern, this house is not for sale: Theo như chúng tôi biết, ngôi nhà này ko rao bán.

- As far as I remember, he is always wearing a hat

- She would continue shopping as far as credit cards allowed: Cô ấy sẽ tiếp tục mua sắm chừng nào mà thẻ tín dụng còn sử dụng được.


A: Does the Smiths live next door to yours ?
B: The Smith family moved to Florida five years ago
A: Do you remember what Mr Smith looks like ?
B: As far as I can remember, he looks like Elvis with blond hair.

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We also had a phone call from this company (Paul Davenport) in October, <a href="">sttinag</a> they had sold our timeshare ( as we had been on line looking to sell), and needed a security of a31800 to be taken from our credit card, and upon completion ( when the deeds were collected from us) it would be refunded, they sent us a contract to sign for the sale. As we did not hear from them we contacted them in December to find out when the deal would be closed. Surprise surprise they advised us that the purchaser had pulled out, and a company under their umbrella would be contacting us today re this sale. To sum up we have a amount outstanding of a31800 which they will now hold until our timeshare is sold, which could be anything from 1 month to 12 months. Any advice please.

Now that is a handsome flleow you are sleeping with! I stopped by just in was nice to find some words from you! I'm not posting a lot these days..maybe a couple times a month. Good energies to you, MB!!

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