Cohabitation - 20 March 2011 - Phổ biến kiến thức
Wednesday, 29-March-2017, 4:15 PM
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Main » 2011 » March » 20 » Cohabitation
7:50 AM

Good afternoon our teacher and everyone!

On behalf of my group, I’d like to introduce Mr.Diep, Ms.Duyen and me – Mr.Trang. We’re here to talk about "cohabitation”. Do you know what "cohabitation” means? It means living as wife and husband before marriage. In VN, we call: "song thu”. We divided our presentation into 4 main points: actual state, advantages, reasons and disadvantages. Let’s go !

Nowadays, there are many ideas about cohabitation. There are different opinions between the world and VN.

As we know, in the world, they can live together as husband and wife before getting married. It’s very popular. In some nations, the law don’t allow that 2 men or 2 girls live together in a room... You can live with different sex people in the same room. And they always encourage (khuyến khích) this. But, after living together long time, if they feel suitable, they’ll get married.

And in VN, a big part of people disagree this. However, young people enjoy very much. They think like the foreigner. Can you see? Let’s see a student. They live together as husband and wife. They want to try that how husband and wife live.

And now, I will tell you about the good face of cohabitation.

Let’s start with advantages of cohabitation. In my opinion, we shouldn’t say it is "cohabitation” that we have to say "live together” before getting married. We should call "cohabitation” that "song that”, live very seriously, they are not joking. All of emotion, sex, spending is true.

So that’s the general picture for cohabitation as some young people said that cohabitation is not bad. Because through living together, nobody is vulnerable(bi hai). The family is too machinery, we have to try on it to know” has to defect”, "has to maximize” satisfactory? I ask for permission give a question that in the life, what has to no exactly and miraculous by try on rule practical.

Moreover "love together” whatever is too beautiful when live together, all of bad habit will be developed. And now if they don’t stand up, they can say "good bye my love” Needn’t tribunal, haven’t to argue, haven’t to divide property.

So, to summarise about cohabitation, It is a method system completely has to science basic because if you don’t live together have we can know that two people. If they live together, they can know whether they are suitable with each other or not.

As a result will be good if they had already experienced practice. And cohabitation is the most choice.

We can give many causes but there are three main causes. The first is economic condition. When we love some one we will get married. But we can’t do it because we have not enough money. We don’t organize a wedding, buy an house. So some one choose a solution that is cohabitation.

The second is studying and working condition. There are many people studying and working in some locations far from their family. Exactly, they live far from their parents who often remind, help, take care of them. When they have mistake their parents don’t recommend them. Because they live without manager, they can do whatever they want. They are really free. Living far the family, they feel alone and they decide to live  together with a man or a woman as husband and wife.

Finally, physiological requirements are very important cause, too. Now, the life has many changes, children eat full nutrition develop both physical and mental. Besides they are affected by sex films, sex photographs. It influence badly on their psychophysiology. Because somebody is curious, want to discover and to satisfy the sexual desire, they accept cohabitation.

Beside advantages, let’s turn to disadvantages by presentation of Ms.Duyen

Thank Mr.Trang, and now we’ll talk about disadvantages:

Family have changed in the last several decades. Instead of getting married of people is living together or "cohabitating” .Is cohabitation a good alternative to married? Is it good way to "test out” the relationship? We’ll answer all questions by looking at the facts beside cohabitation.

1. Living together leads to living alone.

Some people think that living together will lead automatically to married, but that often is not the case. Much cohabitation breaks up. For many other couples, cohabitation is viewed as an alternative is less likely than married to lead to a long –term stable commitment.

2. Stability

Cohabiting relationships are fragile. On average cohabitations last less than two years before breaking up or converting to married. The more likely they are to divorce later.

3. The effects on children.

What happens to children born to cohabiting parents? .Today, more than 13% of children are born to cohabiting couples. However, only about one third of those children will remain with both their parents throughout their childhood. So, children born to cohabiting parents do less well at school and are more likely to suffer from emotional problems than normal children. Cohabitating father seems to not support children and we all know the destiny of these children in their future.

Mr.Trang: Ok, thank you Ms.Duyen about your ideas. And I would like to ask Mr.Diep who was a student of Maritime University with his cohibitation opinions, please you:

Mr.Diep: Umh, cohabitation is a hot tendance in Western  countries nowadays. In Viet Nam it is becoming more popular, especially in student life. Today, I just want to mention about the cohabitation of students in Viet Nam.

       First, we must answer the question "Why we want to cohabit and not to get married?”. There are many reasons for this question. The first may be for some economic reasons. Cohabitation can save many living expenses. We can share a renting house, the worries about daily necessaries and of coz, cooking together is cheaper than one. The second may be the lack of family’s love.  We all know  that students like us, we live far away from home in unfamiliar places so unavoidablely, we often feel so lonely and be like a fish out of water. We don’t know anyone here and when we meet a person who has the same circumstance like us, we easily besome wearier. We decide to live together so we can share the emotions( happiness, sadness, the secrets…) and some precious experiences from life. People often consider that cohabitation often be the result of the curiosity about sex , the "goal” they always wanna explore their partners and cohabitation, its easy to establish and say "goodbye” also so  the boys, they will not have to take any responsibility for the girls who they cohabit with as real couples. But I think the most popular reason is testing. I mean that some cohabitants think that they should test their marital life before really getting married. Because they live with each other to see if they are compatible or not. Its very important because first we can love our partners so much but after a long time living with them, we can find many problems appeared.

     But there are many reasons which object to cohabitation. First, we can find that the problems, especially financial problems are the main reason of arguments. Second, it’s the problem of "unwanted pregnancy” and its results. And one thing for sure, cohabitation is hard to come to a marriage when we r still students. So when splitting after a long time living together, one can be shocked and hard to restart a new love.

     So, lets think much before deciding to cohabit. The bright future is in front of our heads. I don’t mean we don’t be cohabited  but we must know how to choose the best time to do it. Think it over and choose the best for our lives.

Finally, I (Mr.Trang) must say that: all we know the advantages and disadvantages about "cohabitation”. We don’t give you any advice, it depends on you. Decide your life and try your best. We’d like to wish all of you will be happy with your choice. Thank for listening. Have a good night.

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