Listen and Answer Mini-Stories (not Listen and Repeat) - 21 December 2009 - Phổ biến kiến thức
Wednesday, 29-March-2017, 4:19 PM
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Main » 2009 » December » 21 » Listen and Answer Mini-Stories (not Listen and Repeat)
8:49 AM
Listen and Answer Mini-Stories (not Listen and Repeat)

A Story

Emi, a Japanese woman, had a problem. Her speaking was SLOW. She could not answer questions quickly.

Emi listened to many English tapes and CDs. She listened. She repeated what the speaker said.

Emi emailed me. I told her NOT to use "listen and repeat".

I told her to use "Listen & Answer" Mini-Story lessons.

I told her that "listen and repeat" is not enough-- when you repeat, you only copy the speaker. But when you hear a question and you ANSWER it-- you must think in English.... especially if you must answer fast!

After using listen & ANSWER Mini-Story lessons for just 4 months, her speaking became fast, easy, and automatic.

Emi was excited. She wrote:

"The Mini-Story lessons are FANTASTIC! I love them. My speaking is so much faster now. I understand quickly and I can now speak English without thinking. I can't believe it!"

**RULE 7: Listen and Answer Mini-Stories (not Listen and Repeat)

Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons

What, exactly, is a "Listen & Answer Mini-Story"

In each Mini-Story Lesson, a teacher asks a short simple story. Notice I didn't say "tell". The teacher does NOT "tell" the story, he "asks" the story.

In other words, he creates a story using a lot of questions.

Questions, questions, questions,.... and more questions!

Every question is very easy. Constantly answering these questions QUICKLY causes you to think in English.

Because the teacher constantly and quickly asks easy questions, you don't have time to think about grammar. You just immediately shout a couple of words-- which teaches you to respond faster, and faster, and faster.

You learn to answer questions very fast-- without thinking. Your English becomes automatic. You learn to speak and respond quickly and effortlessly.

How can you use Listen & Answer Stories? Easy! Find a native speaker tutor. Ask him to use this method: Ask him to tell a story... and to constantly ask you easy questions about it. This will teach you to think quickly in English!

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