Pick up - 11 March 2011 - Phổ biến kiến thức
Thursday, 23-March-2017, 3:20 PM
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12:17 PM
Pick up

1. Nâng hoặc mang cái gì đó.

Ví dụ:

• She put her coat on, picked up her bag, and left.

(Cô ta mặc áo khoác, mang giỏ, và đi).

2. Học hỏi qua kinh nghiệm chứ không phải bằng sự cố gắng

Ví dụ:

• When I got back from Tokyo I realised that I had picked up quite a few Japanese words.

(Khi tôi trở về từ Tokyo tôi đã nhận ra rằng tôi đã học được nhiều từ Nhật).

3. Có sự tiến triển hoặc cải tiến

Ví dụ:

• Business was very slow for the first few months, but it picked up in the new year.

(Việc kinh doanh rất chậm trong những tháng đầu, nhưng có sự tiến triển trong năm mới).

4. Mắc bệnh truyền nhiễm

Ví dụ:

• I picked up a chest infection towards the end of the week.

(Tôi bị mắc bệnh truyền nhiễm ngực vào cuối tuần).

5. Bắt giữ hoặc giam người nào đó

Ví dụ:

• The bank was robbed at 6pm. The police had picked up 3 suspects by 9.

(Ngân hàng bị trộm vào lúc 6 giờ. Cảnh sát đã bắt giữ 3 người tình nghi vào lúc 9 giờ).

6. Đón ai đó bằng xe hơi

Ví dụ:

• Pick me up at 6 - I'll be waiting outside the train station.

(Đón em vào lúc 6 giờ - em sẽ chờ anh trước nhà ga).

7. Mua cái gì đó

Ví dụ:

• Could you pick up some milk on your way

home please?

(Anh mua sữa trên đường về nhé?).

8. Trả hoá đơn, đặt biệt cho người khác

Ví dụ:

• We went to a lovely restaurant, but I'm not sure how much it cost: John picked up the bill.

(Chúng tôi đã ăn tại một nhà hàng xinh đẹp, nhưng tôi không biết giá bao nhiêu: John đã thanh toán hoá đơn).

9. Tiếp tục một việc gì đó mà được tạm ngừng lại trong một thời gian

Ví dụ:

• We're out of time, so we'll end the meeting now, but we can pick it up again next week.

(Chúng ta không còn thời gian nữa, vì thế phải ngừng cuộc họp, nhưng chúng ta sẽ họp lại vào tùân tới).

10. Nhận được sóng trên truyền hình, radio

Ví dụ:

• We can't pick up channel 5 in this area.

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PICK UP ( Phrasal verb)
1. Lift something/ somebody up:
Pick something/ somebody up: To lift something or somebody up.
- He picked up the letter and read it
- The phone rang and I picked it up
- Mummy, can you pick me up?
2. Pick yourself up: To get up from the ground after you have fallen.
- Carol picked herself up and brushed the dirt off her coat.
3. Tidy something:
Pick something up: AmE. To make a room or building tidy
- Pick up your room before you go to bed.
4. Get something:
Pick something up:
a. To get or win something:
- He's already picked up three major prizes this year
b. To buy something or get it from a shop:
- I picked up an evening paper on the way home.
- For more details, pick up a leaflet in your local post office
c. To get an illness:
- I picked up a virus while I was in America
5. Collect:
Pick something up: To collect something from a place.
- I'll pick my things up later
- She just dropped by to pick up her mail
6. Let somebody into a vihicle;
Pick somebody up: To let someone get into your car, boat.... and take them somewhere
- I'll pick you up at the station
- The survivors were picked up by fishing boat from nearby villages.
7. Learn
Pick something up; To learn something by watching or listening to other people
- I picked up a few words of Greek when I was there last year
- Mary watched the other dancers to see if she could pick up tips
8. Notice;
Pick something up: To notice something that isn't easy to notice, such as a slight smell or sign of something.
- I picked up a faint smell of coffee
- The dogs picked up the scent and raced off
- We picked up their tracks again on the other side of the river
9 Radio/ Signals: If a machine picks up a sound, movement, or signal. It's able to notice it or receive it
- The sensors pick up faint vibrations in the Earth
- I managed to pick up an American news broadcast
10. Sex:
Pick somebody up: To become friendly with someone you have just met because you want to have sex with them.
- Young women sitting around in bars waiting to be picked up.
11. Start again:
a. If you pick up where you stopped or were interrupted, you start again from that point
- We'll meet again in the morning and we can pick up where we left off
b. Pick something up; If you pick up an idea that has been mentioned, you return to it and develop it further.
- I'd like to pick up what you said earlier
12. Improve:
a. If a situation picks up, it improves.
- Her social life was picking up at last
- The economy is finally beginning to pick up again.
b. Pick somebody up: If a medicine or drink picks you up, it makes you feel better.
13. Road:
Pick something up: If you pick up a road, you go onto it and start driving along it
- We take the A14 to Birmingham and then pick up the M5
14. Train/ Bus:
Pick something up: If you pick up a train, bus....you get onto it and travel on it
15. Pick up speed/ steam: to go faster
- The train was gradually picking up speed
16. Pick up the bill/ tab ( for something): informal. To pay for something
- Why should the taxpayer pick up the tab for mistakes made by a private company.
- The company's picking up the bill for my trip to Hawai
17. Wind: If the wind picks up, it increases or grows stronger
18. Colour:
Pick something up: If one thing picks up a colour in something else, it has a amount of the same colour in it so that the two things look nice together.
- I like the way the curtains pick up the red in the rug
19. Criminal:
Pick somebody up: If the police pick someone up, they take them somewhere to answer questions or to be locked up
- He was picked up by police as he was trying to leave the country
20. Pick up the pieces ( of something):To try to make your life normal again after something very bad has happened to you.
- Thousands of victim of the earthquake are now faced with the task of picking up the pieces of their lives.
21. Pick up the threads (of something): If you pick up the threads of something that you were doing, you try to return to it and start doing it again after it stopped or was changed.
- Now that the war was over they could pick up the threads of their life again.
- The good thing is that he's trying to pick up the threads of his life again.
22. Pick your feet up: spoken. Used to tell someone to walk properly or more quickly

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