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Main » 2010 » September » 24 » The Most Important Step to Powerful English Speaking
8:25 AM
The Most Important Step to Powerful English Speaking
Hi.  How are you?   I hope you are having a great day.
Today I want to talk to you about the first and most important step to powerful English speaking. 
Do you know what it is?
Grammar study?  Vocabulary?  Pronunciation?  
No, no, and no. 
In fact, the first and most important step is Emotional Motivation. 
Without strong emotion and motivation, you will not study powerfully.  You will not concentrate powerfully.   
Without strong emotion and motivation,  you might "know" a lot of English,...
...but when you speak, you will be shy, nervous, and weak.   People will not listen to you.  You will feel foolish. 
Success with English starts inside you.   The most important thing you will ever do is to build strong powerful confidence inside of you.   You must FEEL strong every time you speak English.

When you feel strong and powerful you notice that interesting things begin to happen....

The people you meet will become VERY interested in you.  They will listen to you.  They will want to hear your ideas and opinions.   They will respect you.

You will also notice that your speaking speed improves,.. and you speak more clearly.

Unfortunately,  strong positive powerful emotion is not automatic.

Most people never learn to feel strong and powerful every time they speak English.

Yet, this strong, powerful confidence is necessary.  You must have it every time you speak English.

Fortunately, I have learned many powerful techniques for destroying fear and nervousness.

I have learned how ANYONE can immediately create confidence and power FAST.

When you learn how to create powerful positive emotion EVERY TIME you speak English, you will be AMAZED at your success.

It's good to improve your spoken grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation (effortlessly).  
However, don't forget to build strong powerful confidence with English!  This is very important for your success. 
Have a great day, 
Effortless English
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